LME has moved servers!

10 02 2009

Attention My Cherubs…

I’ve changed the domain from lokigakuto.com to LeggoMyEigo.com to avoid confusion and to have greater control over the look and feel of the site. Until I get the DNS straightened out, lokigakuto.com will still point to this site, but will eventually autoforward to LeggoMyEigo.com until the domain expires in March.

Please update your bookmarks and check out the new site! It’s very pretty ^_^

ALL future updates will be done on LeggoMyEigo.com. This is the final update for this site.


[NEWS] Transformer Toy…May Contain Penetrating Parts

9 02 2009

Pronged…for her pleasure

Dark Horizons (by way of TF08.net) has released pics of a toy from the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie. This character is supposedly the titular bad guy from the film.

When I first saw this pic, I couldn’t help but notice his tail which transforms into a Hentai-tastic dong.

Look for “Transformers: Something’s in My Eye” on sale in Kabukichou any day now…

[NEWS] MEGUMI and Dragon Ash Singer Spawn

9 02 2009

His penis went like *this*

Talento MEGUMI and Dragon Ash frontman Kenji Furuya welcomed their first child last Friday. The baby boy is said to be healthy but confused as to whether his father is Japanese or Mexican.

Kenji and MEGUMI had been dating for 3yrs and got married last July when they forgot to use a condom and she peed on a stick.

I really like (post-2000) Dragon Ash so I hope Kenji remains active with the band.

Weekend Youyaku

7 02 2009

It’s been quite a revitalizing week for myself and this blog. After being on hiatus for waaay too long, my real job has settled down enough where I have enough time to resume LME. I’m working to get the podcast back as well. Even though I only released one episode, I had a blast recording it and I’m working on some things that will hopefully make it better and get some more exposure. This would be the perfect time for you to download it, enjoy it, and give me suggestions for what you’d like to hear in a new episode!

But enough about me, let’s go through some fun things from this week…

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BoA – Eien PV Impressions

6 02 2009

I tip my hat to you as well, Ms BoA…if you’re nasty

So I’m watching this PV for the fist time as we speak.

I haven’t seen a new BoA video in a couple years so when it came on, I was reminded how incredibly beautiful she is. And then she breaks into dance in the middle of a random alley and it’s like Michael Jackson moves and you think it’s weird but then you realize…she makes those moves look fuckin hot!

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[NEWS] I gotz da hookup (neri)Maza Fakka!!!

5 02 2009

I’m not about to say I know who these guys are since my knowledge of JRap ends with Rip Slyme and BennieK, but Japan-Zone reports that several members of the rap group Nerimazafakka have been arrested for possession of cocaine. This is following the arrest of former sumo wrestler Wakakirin for possession of marijuana.

The very posh answer of “I got it from a foreigner” was used to explain this bout of international peer-pressure but Japan doesn’t take kindly to drugs no matter what round-eye you get them from. Wakakirin was nabbed with nothing more than a joint on him which begs this uber blogger to ask, “Is pot really that bad?”. I may have smoked pot tonight at some point in my life and I do not feel that I’ve committed a federal offense. It doesn’t make you violent, and I only want to hang out in sweatpants and play xbox all night when I do smoke. Besides the paranoia of the chick upstairs judging me as she walks by my door, I feel better about smoking than I do drinking. (if you’re under 18, there’s a time and place for everything and it’s called ‘college’ and don’t blame Uncle LoKi for your apathetic downfall)

I’d like to call upon all 5 readers of this blog to leave a comment and let me know what you think about things such as pot and Japan’s seemingly overreaction to possessing it. Only one or two FBI agents monitor this, so go nuts!

-LoKi Out

Mucc – New Single 「空と糸」Sora to Ito

5 02 2009

Mucc is my favorite band, hands down. I’ve only known about them for 2yrs or so but they’ve quickly overtaken L’Arc~en~Ciel as the greatest band ever in my expert and uncontested opinion. The reason being that ever since ‘Kokoro no nai Machi’, each Mucc single release has been better than the last.

Does ‘Sora to Ito’, which comes with an awesome DVD extra, live up to expectations?
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